We strive to ensure that every foster child feels fully seen and fully heard!

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This is your race and it’s time for you to set the tone to cross the finish line like the star you are!


As humans, we all have unique gifts; but our greatest obstacle is overcoming the battle of self. Everyday we must put on the armour of Belief ,Truth, Love and Faith to be prepared for that battle. Never forgetting why we wake in the morning and setting a tone that enables us to thrive not just survive. 100% proceeds go to impacting foster families and aging out youth helping them sustain a home and quality of life.

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About Fostering Success

Created in 2017 Fostering Success is a national organization bringing greater impact and much-needed reform to the area of foster care. Our goal is to serve as a beacon of hope and a powerful voice for children who live with the realities of foster care. Through the actions of Fostering Success, we strive to ensure that every foster child feels fully seen and fully heard.

Fostering Success is changing the face of what non-profits look like, stand for and achieve with tangible results in real time. With dynamic pieces being put in place such as being directly involved with decision makers to influence bill policy change, documentary book experience, social emotional learning programs, an interactive gala, are just a few of the brand’s voices.



Steven Benedict

This project was initiated by the founder Steven Benedict who does not only have a thriving passion to change the narratives for children, be an advocate for reform and fill the voids in which the system has failed these families but most of he is a living example coming from that system. Steven’s childhood began in an abusive home which resulted in him and his brothers placement in foster care. Over the course of his first 8 years, he was moved between homes and motels with little certainty of what the next day would bring. At age 8, he and his brother were adopted by an incredible couple which possessed traits of joy, humility, sacrifice and unconditional love. The time with these parents would be short lived however, as both his mother and father suffered untimely deaths within a few years of each other. The pain of these losses nearly ended Steven’s professional career but as history would repeat itself, once again, Steven defied the odds and is back stronger than ever to be proof that experiences in life are nothing more than another day of training in becoming a champion for others. He is passionate to set the pace for the coming generations as an example of what relentless strength and faith can accomplish.

Steven has gone on to becoming an elite track athlete running in some of the nation’s largest events and now as he prepares for the 2021 Olympics he’s created the very platform that brings who he is to life. Bringing his elite athletic background and the foster child within him to life through the Fostering Success brand.



Our mission is to restore hope, encourage growth, and oppose the abandonment mindset of foster children by providing genuine guidance, opportunities for sports and arts, and a strong voice for advocacy and systemic reform.

Fostering Success believes that every child has the right to be fully seen and truly heard. This principle is in place to counteract the abandonment and separation these children often feel.

Fostering Success believes every child has the right to rely on people in their life. Whether it is caregivers, family or friends this principle is in place to oppose the inconsistency and often sporadic changes to their security.

Fostering Success believes every child has an important purpose and in guiding them into adulthood, care should come with understanding and compassion for the experiences and post-trauma that may accompany them as they grow.



Advocacy Initiatives

Fostering Success works with national organizations and key policymakers to serve as a change agent on behalf of children and youth in foster care.

Mastermind Think Tank

The goal of this annual event is to bring innovation, relevance, and tangible sustainable solutions to the issue that plague our foster care system.

Wellness Training

Fostering Success offers a series of innovative and impactful evidence-based, trauma-informed, and culturally competent workshops and trainings.